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I can't start the game. If I pressed the New Game button (after changing the controls) it exits the game. The game looks cool from what I can see from the gifs and title screen.

Sorry to hear that. I haven't run into this issue myself, so I don't 100% know what's causing it. My guess is that an error is occurring when the game attempts to save, since hitting new game creates a new save file.

Try playing the new version I just uploaded. If I'm right, it should no longer crash, though saving won't work.

Same problem. I guess the reason why the game quits is because when it creates the New Game folder, it fails to do so (because I have to much stuff on my computer) resulting with an error and when the game engine encounters an error, it closes the program. I'll delete some things and I'll tell you if it works or not. BTW how much does a new game save data take up?

It's tiny, just 5KB, so I doubt storage is the problem. Sorry, I'm really not sure what causes that issue :(

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I believe that it happens because he changed the settings, because I had first played the game without changing the settings, and it worked, but if I changed the settings and pressed continue (it's the same, right?) it crashed. I then changed the settings back and it worked again.

This is just my guess, I'm no coder.

Hey, I just solved the problem! Turns out it specifically happens when setting the jump input to a key which contains lowercase letters, like "Space", since the explosion effect on the main menu wasn't programmed to handle lowercase. The new version I just uploaded should fix this issue.

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It works! Thank you so much, I stopped playing at the first arena and it's great. And this fix doesn't apply to windowed mode BTW, but I like to play my games in full screen so it's not a problem to me. But thank you for fixing that.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you're enjoying it. 

Can you clarify what you mean by "this fix doesn't apply to windowed mode"? Is it still crashing for you in windowed mode?


Okay, thanks for letting me know!

I Lost my save file 


Sorry to hear that :(

If you tell me where you were in the game, I can recreate your save and send it to you.


It's ok I returned to where I was



My only problem is the fact that you only jump 50% of the time when you press x, but i really like the game

also when you die, the music gets really choppy and hard to listen to.


This game is amazing!

(The arenas didn't have to last that long tho)


I wish you made it whereas you can configure the controls and also make the moving  crusher move 20% slower in the 3rd arena.P.S I like the game alot.


I honestly really like this game! The developer really has some talent! top for me!


Thanks :)


I completed it and really liked it. Thanks for making it! Some things I'd like improved:

  • the spawning animation takes too long :) I am an impatient person, I want to restart as soon as I died.
  • don't force players to take fights for doors they opened in the past, the map is quite big, there are many places to come back to and it makes navigating the world a bit tedious
  • taking damage moves the character around, if there are a lot of enemies it is hard to move away and restore health, this along using your own health to shoot further promotes fighting slowly and strategically (avoid contact, restore health, shoot only when low risk) I don't want to say it is necessarily bad but at some moments I felt like I could enjoy more action and less "positioning myself in known safe spots". Maybe the fights could get more dynamic if the "damage cooldown" was removed or reduced?

Really good game ! I wait for the complet game !


I liked it. It takes a while to get used to using your health as a weapon and knowing when to attack and when to run. I discovered pretty late that I could heal while rolling, game-changer.

I encountered the secret wall bug twice on the same wall (the one where you ride a "thwomp" up, seemingly trapping you), I tried from both sides.

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Really nice. I loved how it seemed like a leveld game, but it was all 1 level. I'd give it an 8/10. T

heres a few problems though, let's start with the annoying controls. WHY JUST WHY, wasd would have been so much easier, also i would have loved if you could aim and shoot with the mouse, and also heal with RMB. If you don't want the mouse to be included, then at least WASD, spacebar to shoot  S to heal and  up arrow to aim. 

My next problem is with the map. Because it's all 1 level, it gets hard to navigate (this might be a problem only i am having, sry my 1 brain cell cant handle that much). I like how it's made but a map that would gradully be unlocked while you explore would be really usefull.

 One last thing, the boss fight was kind of  a let down. He was predictable and there weren't a lot of other enemies in the room. There were regular arenas that were harder than the boss fight. In my opinion the whole boss fight needs a redo.  It should be in a giant room, the boss should be ENORMOUS, and enemis galor. Just pure chaos. That would be a lot of fun. ž

Another thing that would be cool to add is a long room where you have to either fight loads of enemies or doge them and run trhu. Also the blocks that fall should hurt enemies. Also also an item that would restore your health/blood would be great for rooms with more enmies. Also also also, why can't I full screen the game. 

All that being said the game was really fun, the music was great and on the whole,  a great exprince. 

I agree with the wasd controls.

The controls was a nightmare.


Great game! The blood effect is amazing, is there any general algorithm or pseudocode to make an effect like yours? if its possible, can you give me some ideas that helped you to reach this effect? Sorry by my bad english :( and also thanks in advance :)

Sure thing! Here's how it works:

  • The environment is stored as a 2D array of pixel object, which each stores its current color (black pixels are just null, with no pixel object).
  • When a blood drop hits a wall or passes over a pixel object in the background, the addColor(Color c) function is called on the pixel at that (x, y) coordinate.
  • If the pixel's current color is not c, then its color gets changed to c, thus coloring it in.
  • If the pixel's current color is already c, then addColor(Color c) gets called on all adjacent pixels, thus spreading the color.
  • (Make sure to use a set of pixels to keep track of the ones you've already visited so you don't visit the same pixels multiple times).
  • (You may also want to add a range to the maximum spread distance, or prevent color from spreading upwards depending on your needs).

That's the basic version of how it works. It gets more complicated if you want to add in color mixing like I have in Blood Pressure, but I'll leave that up to you to figure out. I should also mention that this system works well in Blood Pressure because of the simple, monochrome artstyle with a lot of negative space. IDK how well it would work with other artstyles, but feel free to experiment.

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Oh amazing. Thanks a lot! This is very useful.


Very fun, the idea of hurting yourself to kill enemies is very interesting.  However I unfortunately got stuck on the "death from above" arena.  However, I noticed a bug where if you press ESC while the screen is fading out from a death, the game soft locks on a blank screen.   Also, I love the arena music.


Thanks for the feedback! I'll check out that bug and see if I can fix it.


I'm also stuck at arena 3

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Im also stuck there :(

On the arena, not the softlock.


I honestly really like this game! The developer really has some talent!

Check out my video!

i absolutely love this game! i cant wait for the full version! :D


Great game! It is in my Top 5 of the week!

Check my video!


i played your game and it was really fun! It would help me a lot if you could check out my channel and possible subscribe! Thank you!


Brings me back sorta to the good old days of playing Megaman or Metroid on my Gameboy. Hope you ejoy the video! 

So, its Metroid but instead of a hyper futuristic arm cannon you use your blood? That might be a banger.

AWESOME game <3 i want a multiplayer <3

Wow! It’s Like You Can Shoot Blood?


i would recommend if you want more feedback make a build for mac and linux

Mac and Linux builds are definitely something I want to do for the full release! Unfortunately, I'm a solo dev without access to Mac or Linux machines to build/test on, so they will have to wait for now. I'll let you know if/when builds are available for those systems.

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creative graphics mechanics reasonable but the controls need to be changed eg W, A, S, D instead of the arrows and the C could be changed by the right mouse button

I agree


What engine was this made in?


Thanks for the question! The game is made with MonoGame. It's not an engine, but rather a framework which handles assets, inputs, etc. The rest is really just written by me from the ground up. I like it because it gives me a lot of freedom with how I program the game, although it does mean I have to program most of it from scratch.


Oh ok cool. Thanks for answering! The game looks fun and I cant wait to play when I get back home


Is there any way we could see a full map of the demo? I think that would be really cool


I actually uploaded one a little while ago on Twitter:


Amazing! It looks exactly how I imagined it. Thanks


Seriously amazing game, can't wait for the full version!

I'm not sure how multiplayer might work, but I think that could be a fun offshoot of the game.

Like wave based multiplayer (zombies)


I didn't even get the game yet, I can already tell it is good

Original idea that introduces a main game mechanic 

Retro Art Style


You said the word baddies 

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The last key will be difficult to find, it's a very good demo in my opinion

I will play it shortly I am trying to figure out what game I want to create now


Who would have thought a game about bleeding over everyone could have been so damned cute?!?! I absolutely loved this! I had a bit of an issue with the audio in the later part of the game but apart from that it was perfect!!

I'm glad you like the game! Sorry about the audio issue; I'm still not sure what causes it. The game auto saves, so closing and re-loading should fix it. I'll add that to the list of known bugs on the game's store page.


Today I've found the game and made a video about it. I just wanted to share some feedback about the game, hopefully it's useful for the development :D

-The visual style is very very very well done and polished.

-I really enjoyed the main mechanic of the game and all the other ones around it, they are really well thought. Rolling is the only one that took me some extra time to get into as I wanted it to be faster that it's posible in the game.

-Enemies work quite well and "arenas" act as very good challenges.

-In general the game in it's current state is very well thought, polished and it's quite fun to play.Surely I'll get it featured at my top 10 from this month :D.

I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



Hey! Great game! Just so you know there is a bug that causes breakable walls to not be broken, my idea to fix this is to make a kill button to kill you and make you go back to the nearest checkpoint. although that may break the arenas

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Thanks for the feedback! I noticed that bug, but I can't consistently reproduce it or figure out the cause. Fortunately, the game auto saves, so you can just close and re-load if you get stuck. Also, the wall will eventually break if you keep shooting at it from different angles. Sorry for the inconvenience! Hopefully I can figure out the solution soon.

Hey there! What is this made in? Scratch, Gamemaker, UE4, Unity? Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the question! The game is made with MonoGame, which is basically a modern version of XNA. I like it because it gives me a lot of freedom with how I program the game, although it does mean I have to program most of it from the ground up.


That's a very interesting game engine! I can't actually say I've heard of it before, but I think I'll look into it.

Thanks for the info! And keep up the cool development!

I feel it would help to make the controls WASD and mouse for better maneuverability


Nice game! Are the blood spots objects or particles? It seems like they would have to be objects to interact and splatter on the surroundings, but that seems performance intensive, and your game runs really well! Congrats on a cool little experience

Thanks for the question! Each paintable pixel in the environment is actually its own object. I'm able to optimize it because it's all on a fixed grid, so lookup is really quick. I don't need to update the pixels outside of when they get colored in, and I only draw the pixels that are actually on screen, so it's all O(1). Paintable pixels  on moving objects like platforms and thwomp are a bit more complicated, but follow the same general principal. It also helps that the art style leaves a lot of negative space, meaning there are fewer pixels to keep track of.

Hell Yeah! Teabag to powerup what a nice concept


This looks awesome, any plans to support Linux?

Thanks! I'm a solo dev without access to a Linux machine to build/test on, so not for the time being. But I'm definitely looking at multiple platforms for the full release next year.


No worries, reach out to me at if/when that happens.


Thanks, I'll keep you in mind!


great concept. cute


Intresting game, i love how everything is "paintable"

hello there i have a problem i have the right computer but it keeps saying that it might give me a virus and turning it to a rar file and idk wh

Hey, sorry to hear that you're having trouble running the game. If this is being caused by Windows Defender SmartScreen, here's how to get around it:

First, click the "more info" button on the initial popup:

Then click "run anyway" on the following screen:

If this isn't the issue you're running into, please post screenshots of the message you're getting so I can better understand the issue.

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sorry but you got the wrong screen when i download it says sorry but this is not commonly downloaded and may give you a virus and then has a discard button next to it

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Ah, is this the issue you're running into?

Just click the drop down arrow, then click "keep."

Hope this helps.


Hi. I played your game and recorded it on a video. It was very entertaining. I played much more than I recorded. I just forgot to turn on my microphone so I lost a recording of how I played the first time. I almost completed the game. Also, it would be cool if it had a fullscreen mode. ,If you want me to delete the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make similar videos every day. I will be happy if you subscribe. Anyway, I enjoyed playing your game.

Thanks for playing! Too bad your first video didn't record properly, but I'm glad you liked it. By all means, you can keep the video up (I'll never say no to free publicity, lol). 

Sorry about the lack of full screen support. I didn't realize the max window size would be so small on larger monitors. I was intending on including a full screen mode, but ran into some technical difficulties getting it to resize the game correctly based on the monitor resolution. When I find a fix to the problem, I'll definitely update it. I'll try to get that up in the next few days.

Also, sorry to hear you lost your save. If you tell me where you were in the game, I can actually send you a save file at that point. 

Anyway, thanks again for your video! Your feedback is appreciated.

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