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I am not a huge fan of plataform/metroidvania, but I tried anyway.  After some minutes, I completly forgot about it. 

It was so fun to explore. Sometimes I though that I was going to a completly  different path that I was "suposed" to, but your game design was guiding me quietly. The player moviment is so precise and the blood preassure mechanic is fun to even look.

I didn't finished yet, but I'll be back to  study for my future games or just to have some fun

Thanks <3

EDIT: nice beginning animation btw

loved it!

great aesthetic and mechanics, and the level design is solid!


I love the game, I find it really cool both aesthetic and from game design perspective.
I think a gamepad controller option/mapping would help, cause at some points I find that keyboard controls are somehow chunky with some situations (at least for me, maybe it's a design decision, idk).

PS: I'm a former game developer and I've been wondering for a while to start learning how to use Monogame, as it's main language is C# and that's the one my degree teaches the most, soo... I was wondering if you had a devlog about the project where I could check the troubles and tips you've had and found.


Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. You can find the devlogs on the game's store page just under the download section, though they're mostly just patch notes with some design discussion.

MonoGame is great in terms of the amount of freedom it gives you to make what you want from scratch, but that also means you have to deal with some annoying technical stuff most engines would take care of for you. The default audio API in particular isn't very good, so it's recommended that you use some type of audio middleware.

If you need help getting started, I used GameFromScratch's tutorial series on YouTube. There's also plenty of documentation of the MonoGame website.

Sorry for the late response!


Cool, thank you, I'll take a look to that YouTube channel.
Don't worry for the late response, we all have things to do daily, thanks for taking your time.

the game is great bro with what engine did you do it

I made the engine myself using the MonoGame framework:

I find that having a custom engine gives me a greater degree of control, and I don't have to hunt down documentation when something goes wrong since it's all my own code. However, it can be pretty difficult building everything from scratch, so it isn't something I'd recommend for everyone.


wow you made your own motor :D I always wanted to make my own engine because game maker studios has 2 problems 1: it is not compatible with some PCs, and 2: it cracks too much, I liked the design of your game :D 100% recommended.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!



Hi I really enjoy the "paint" mechanic in your game and...
I wanted to know if you could tell me how you accomplished that mechanic.
Or at least give me a little hint.


Sure thing! Here's how it works:

  • The environment is stored as a 2D array of pixel object, which each stores its current color (black pixels are just null, with no pixel object).
  • When a blood drop hits a wall or passes over a pixel object in the background, the addColor(Color c) function is called on the pixel at that (x, y) coordinate.
  • If the pixel's current color is not c, then its color gets changed to c, thus coloring it in.
  • If the pixel's current color is already c, then addColor(Color c) gets called on all adjacent pixels, thus spreading the color.
  • (Make sure to use a set of pixels to keep track of the ones you've already visited so you don't visit the same pixels multiple times).
  • (You may also want to add a range to the maximum spread distance, or prevent color from spreading upwards depending on your needs).

That's the basic version of how it works. It gets more complicated if you want to add in color mixing like I have in Blood Pressure, but I'll leave that up to you to figure out. I should also mention that this system works well in Blood Pressure because of the simple, monochrome artstyle with a lot of negative space. IDK how well it would work with other artstyles, but feel free to experiment.


Thanks for your quick respond. I think I now know how you've done it thanks again. : )


I saw this game on the front page of and I just HAD to check it out!

It looks absolutely amazing, I must say.

I just have one bad thing to say, and that's it's too hard for me :(

Maybe can you make and easy mode plz?

Apart from that it's really just a great game.

Well done!

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Sorry about the difficulty; balance is something I'm still tweaking.

If you could tell me what you got stuck on and what was giving you the most difficulty, that would help me balance the game.

Thanks again for playing!


I think I mostly had difficulty aiming and moving at the same time.

I might just be a total noob to this type of game though, idk

If I were to make an easy mode for myself to play, I would probably just lower the health of the emenies, I think that's all I needed.

Also another idea is to maybe aim with the mouse

But it's your game though, so do your thing :)

Also I just want to say that this game looks amazing, and as a designer myself, I really appreciate it.

Okay, thanks for the feedback!

Okay, thanks for the feedback!


I realized why it didn't save, it downloaded a SEPERATE game, so I still have my game save, it's just the original version

Ah, that make sense. Thanks for letting me know!

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I did not complete the game cuz it was too hard, but awesome game! :D

btw pls make easy mode 

I had stated a bug in a reply to a comment, hence I'm going to copy and paste it:

"I believe that it happens because he changed the settings, because I had first played the game without changing the settings, and it worked, but if I changed the settings and pressed continue (it's the same, right?) it crashed. I then changed the settings back and it worked again.

This is just my guess, I'm no coder."

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Thanks for the bug report! After reading your comment, I was finally able to fix the bug! As it turns out, it was being caused by the menu explosion effect when starting the game. If you assign jump to a button with lower case letters like "Space", the explosion effect isn't programmed to handle it. A simple one line fix. The fixed version will up shortly.

Also, thanks for suggesting an  easy mode. That's definitely something I'll be looking at for the full version.

Thanks for your help!


Wow i did not think I would be helpful at all. Thx for the compliments! :D

maybe there's a bug with my version but it won't keep my save file but it's no problem cause i got back to where i was and finished the game in one sitting

also half the time shooting the big spiky crusher boss thing when it's at full health doesn't do anything, maybe you could say it has armor or something but right now it's too inconsistent in both frequency and duration to say "it's a feature not a bug"

the game itself is really good, lovely music, controls not that hard to master, and i also like the concept of using up your health when attacking

Sorry to hear about the save file. I've heard some other people having problems with that, but I'm not sure what causes the issue.  I cannot reproduce the bug on my end, which makes it difficult to fix.

When you go to the game folder, is there a "savedata" file? If so, what does it say inside when you open it with notepad?

Where did you put the game folder? If it's supposed to save the game to the game folder itself, it seems like it could be a permissions issue

Yeah, I'm just saving to the game folder itself, so I guess it might not have permission depending on where you put the folder. Not sure how to get around that :/


I think the “real” fix is to somehow look up the users AppData folder and save there instead ... not really sure how much work that is though, might not be worth it haha :P

Thanks for the tip, I'll look into it!

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