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After barely escaping a run in with space pirates, you crash land on an unknown planet. The man made facilities on this planet have been deserted and overrun by aliens. With nothing but your space suit and your trusty plasma rifle, you set out to explore these facilities and try to find a way off of this planet.


  • ARROW KEYS - Move
  • X - Jump
  • Z - Shoot/Interact
  • NUMBER KEYS - Switch Weapon
  • ESC - Pause
  • Shoot square switch panels to open switch doors
  • Shoot green key doors while holding a key to open it
  • For international keyboards, you can use A/S instead of Z/X
  • Debug: Hold down P, L, and SPACE while the game is starting to access the test level


  • 1-2 hours of gameplay
  • Multiple distinct environments to explore
  • Text-logs with world building detail
  • 2 movement upgrades
  • 3 obtainable weapons
  • 7 unique enemy types
  • 13 collectible health upgrades

Hover Gunner is a 2D Metroidvania game made for my high-school senior quest, where students spend about a month or two working on a big end of the year project. For my senior quest, I decided to make a game with the largest scope I've ever attempted.  I was inspired by the hovering and wall climbing mechanics of Gargoyle's Quest 2, but I've always felt that the RPG overworld and fetch quests in that game really bog it down. I decided to take Gargoyle's Quest 2's controls and re-frame them as a metroidvania where you unlock the hovering and wall climbing abilities as you progress. Hopefully you all enjoy the finished product; I look forward to hearing what people think of it.

PLEASE NOTE that the current version of the game does NOT have a save feature. The game is only ~2 hours long and can easily be beaten in one sitting, but be warned that your progress will be lost should you close out of the window.

You can follow me on twitter here: https://twitter.com/RedOshal

I sometimes post playthroughs of my games on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channe...


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Downloaded it and played it until after you get the wall jump upgrade and cross the bridge.

Then went to sleep.

Wanted to play it the next day but game started at the beginning again.
So fuck it.
Savepoint doesn't seem to do anything near what it should do O_o

Sorry, the game doesn't have a save system. Perhaps I could have made that clearer.

still doesn't have save feature. still sucks

This game is sooooooo dope

Thank you so much for enjoying my game :)