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Hyper Square

Windows, Mac, and Linux

Hyper Square is a 2D platformer made for the first GMTK Jam. 

In Hyper Square, the player can use a dash attack to run through groups of enemies. Instead of this attack being bound to a button, the player triggers the dash attack by jumping on an enemy. Each enemy killed while dashing allows the player to dash further and build up their combo. By linking the dash to getting kills, enemies serve both as obstacles for the player to avoid and opportunities for the player to take advantage of. This pushes the player to play recklessly, barreling down the level at high speed, squashing enemies. 

The dash itself also serves multiple purposes. Not only does it allow the player to dispatch of enemies more easily, but it also increases the player's speed, allowing them to make jumps they otherwise could not. But watch out; the dash is uncontrollable and could lead players to fall off of cliffs or run into obstacles. Playing quickly is fun, but also dangerous.

WASD - Move
SPACE - Jump

You can also press M to toggle the music speedup feature, where the music is sped up while dashing. I have this feature turned off by default because it is somewhat choppy, but you can be the judge of that yourself. It's your funeral.


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Hyper Square (Original) 1 MB
Larger Window Size Version (Post Jam, recommended size) 1 MB
Bug Fix Version (Post Jam, includes both large and small versions) 2 MB

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