In Tall Tales, you will try to convince your friends that fake stories are true and true stories are fake. If you fool them, you get points. But, if they guess correctly, they get points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

This game is designed for 3 players, and can be played either in person or over the the phone. If playing remotely, just have one player act as the host using the computer.

Each player takes turns being the storyteller. The story teller picks a prompt and then has 60 seconds to tell a story. The story can be either entirely true or entirely false, but no half truths or true stories with a few details tweaked. 

After that, the other players have 60 seconds to ask any questions they want about the story. Finally, each player bets on whether they think the story is true or false. If you guess right, you'll earn the points you bet. But be warned, if you get it wrong, the storyteller will get the points instead!

May the best trickster win!

Game developed by Eli Vazquez, David Rathmann-Bloch, Ankit Buddhiraju, and Matthew David Landis.

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